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I create kinetic artworks; sculptures and installations, often using sonic, mechanical, fluidic, electronic or biological elements. I am also a founding member of artist collective Owl Project [] My current research concerns multi-sensory perceptual illusion, exploring methods used in experimental psychology within framework of artistic practice. Working with bio sensors and tactile feedback mechanisms to induce illusory experiences. 
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Is it art if no one can see it?
Artists are in a unique position, being able to play with assumptions and expectations, a certain state of perception, one assumes on entering the gallery space, a readiness to look closely and absorb. Potentially looking closely and reading meaning into things they would otherwise consider banal...↩]

"...Antony Hall’s series of experiments catches our attention, in particular “Perpetual Puddle Vortex: Experiment No. 3”, in which a flat dark pool of black ink visibly and audibly drains away through a hole in its centre. We wait to see if it will empty. We wait some more, yet the pool remains full to the plinth’s brim. A technical feat, yes, but accomplished with a filmic brilliance that lends the piece a hypnotic quality. In this piece it was not the puddle that resembles life, but the plinth and the gallery space; drinking and replenishing the endless fluid..." Tim Howard, reviewing 'On The Move' at Gazelli Art House

↩ "Tech Know: Etch A Sketch and robotic swarms at Future Everything" By Andrew Webb, BBC News

Recreational science and Physical Oscillators: Interview with Antony Hall at Victoria Baths
Enki features in 'See Yourself Sensing' Redefining Human Perception'

Enki discussed in "Art for Animals; Art aimed at the perceptual systems of non-human species" "...Louis Bec attempts to set up a dialogue between two speciated parts of the same genus of fish. Anthony Hall also works on communications and perceptual reflexivity with weakly electric fish. Marcus Coates stages a series of actions with animal materials and behaviours with interaction with other species as the prime goal. Some of this work is rightfully absurdist, whimsical, self-trivialising. But all of it moves towards setting up actual, multi-scalar and imaginal relations with animals that involve a testing of shared and distinct capacities of perception..." by Matthew Fuller.

Enki article features in 10th edition of el niuton magazine, 'Ecotecnologia'

Interview with Regine of we-make-money-not-art..
Interview in Prague relating to Enki. Edited and directed for scientific magazine PORT
Artists talking,
Open Frequency - new contemporary art
Expanding the Lab: A Conversation Between Artists Working with Science
Further Press and media related to Owl Project at

Hele Shaw Cell Problem 2012

Bubbling Mass 2013

Perpetual Puddle Vortex 2012

Ink Drip 2012
Evaporation series 2004-2013
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