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Autoscope / Drawing 2020

The Autoscope is a mobile wearable version of the simulated out of body experience experiment. These use a live feed from a video camera which is then sent directly to a head-mounted display. The video camera is mounted behind the participant in such a way that they can see themselves from behind. This live footage is then used as the visual stimuli, in a similar way to the rubber hand in the rubber hand illusion. The tactile stimulus comes through prodding the real body in synchronisation with the empty space beneath the camera [the virtual body], the participant can be then made to believe they exist at the point of the camera, in other words, a location outside of their body.

Autoscope builds on the simulated OBE model by placing a camera [3] two meters behind the participant, mounted on a wooden beam [4] attached to an aluminium backpack frame [6]. The webcam connected to a laptop [5] where the live footage and sound is captured, converted into a stereoscopic format, which can then be transmitted to a head-mounted display [1] [ a smartphone] using a screen sharing application[. Sound is directed from the webcam microphone to the headphones [2]. The initial experience of using the autoscope is disorienting, it is also difficult to balance, walking sticks [7] are therefore essential for safety. Using the autoscope requires some commitment to training in a safe space. It is important to have an assistant to guide and document the experience.

Autoscope / Experiemnt/ 2019 / Edale/ UK / Thanks to Andrew P Brooks

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