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Experience in progress

EXPERIENCE IN PROGRESS, 35x50mm badge in 60×80 Foil printed box, text insert and authenticity statement / signed edition of 100. [buy it here]

I made this badge to celebrate a chance occurrence that has had a lasting effect on my work ever since. Back in 2006, I was working with electro-genic fish at the Centre des neuroscience [CNRS] near Paris. Frustrated and stuck, I went for a walk, aimlessly wandering the corridors. I noticed a sign on a laboratory door saying “Experience en cours” ( ‘experiment in progress’). I took this photo. Moments later on the way back, I found the door was ajar. I knocked on it and peeped in. I ended up having a fascinating conversation with a scientist about how electric fish build an electrical image of their world. This set many chains of thoughts in motion; Crucially, I began thinking about my work in terms of experience. I started involving human participants in the experiments as part of my work. This moment was a nexus point that ultimately led to my current project investigating anomalous perceptual experience. The first badges were created for a workshop at X-Gallery @ljmuarts @rogueartists_studios and @g39cardiff. #experienceinprogress

I had the badges created for the [re]Mapping perception workshop next week…

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