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A Navigation experiment is based on the ganzfeld experiment, only rather than sitting still, participants guide each other through spaces or environments moving through space while using ganzfeld goggles, in order to explore how this changes the perception of the spaces and sensory awareness more generally.


Smartphone / Headphones/ganzfeld hemispheres [or 2x half ping pong balls]



1. Place hemispheres over eyes and secure with tape. Put the headphones on. Ensure the volume is loud enough to block out ambient noise.

2. Your guide will hold your upper arm and guide you around a space for approximately 5-10min.

3. During this time record a mental map of the journey.

 Ask the participant to place hemispheres over their eyes. Help secure these with tape. Ask them to wear headphones playing white noise.

2. Holding the participant gently by the back of the upper arm, guide them around a space for 5-10 minutes. Ensure you rotate the participant several times to disorientate.

Post experiment:

Both participants draw a map of the navigation showing the route and directionMake notes about the sensory experience, the quality of light, colour intensity or other sensations, heat or airflow for example.

Think about the experience of the space in terms of light and temperature, speed and distance. You do not have to walk a long way, consider pausing, walking backwards, Slowly, repeating loops, spinning the participant in circles at different points to disorientate.

After the navigation discuss and compare you experiences. Did you see any colours? What emotions did it provoke? What did you hear? What bodily sensations did you feel? make note of key phrases of interest. 

The audience should experience this incidentally.

Take a photograph of this experiment in progress. Record sounds generated. Record the discussions / transcribe if desired. Notes should be taken. These materials and subsequent document inform any subsequent Workshop.

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