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Proximity day 2 experiment 4

15 August 2019
Mirror gaze experiment 4 / Transcript of handwritten notes:

00.02.20  “Flickers of light behind”

00.03.30  “Blue light moves further away”

00.03.40  “Light moves further away and fades”

00.04.50  “Comes closer”

0005.40  “Reflection is faint”

00.06.10  “Blurred around the edges”

00.06.400 “The left side is slightly brighter”

00.07.30  “Blue light in line with nose”

00.08.10  “Head expands”

00.09.00  “I’m trying not to work out where my features are”

00.09.30  “A face appears but it doesn’t look like mine”

00.11.00  “I can make out more of my face as time goes by”

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