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On the inwardly generated image

A visual perception activity based on an Eyeball ATM [awareness through movement] an activity used in Feldenkrais [Teresa Brayshaw led the original session at the [Re]Action lab atLMJU] This session had the addition of generating phosphines in the eyeball through excitation and deformation of the eyeball.

Perception without object

‘The perception of spatial relationships in respect to the orientation of one’s body despite distracting information’ re/performance for ‘Seven Practical Experiments’ INSTRUCTION: PARTICIPANT A 1. Place hemispheres over eyes and secure with tape. Put the headphones on. Ensure the volume is loud enough to block out ambient noise. 2. Your guide will hold your upper…

Seven practical experiments

A manual for self-experimentation and a template for performance / A workshop on perceptual illusion and art. ‘Seven practical experiments’ is a new piece of work for by Antony Hall, developed through an exploration of perceptual illusion, and the methods used in experimental psychology. By taking part in this workshop, you will both ‘experience’…