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The Grey area

“The Grey area exists not at the boundary – but the uncharted spaces between the boundaries. We are warned about this grey area. About becoming stuck in the cracks in between, lost in the voids that open between knowing and not knowing. But as artists, it is not our job to chart these lesser know areas in-between? To unfold the otherwise these formal dividing interfaces, and make untidy overlaps, and explore these undefined grey areas. But what of the danger of becoming stuck here? Artists are not strangers to feeling out of their depth, the difficulty is feeling comfortable with this. To remain unstuck; to be buoyant. To drift and boldly wonder, perhaps even dive deep into the unknown. 

When viewed from the firmly situated disciplines, experts might momentarily cast a scrutinising eye across this grey expanse, and just for a moment catch a glimpse in the distance of a what they perceive to be a struggling figure, slowly making its way through this miasma of its own creation. And having surfaced briefly, only to return back again into the greyness. ” Unfinished fragment of free writing.

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