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Pondlife Projector 1999

With the Pondlife micro projector my original aim was to create a micro-ecosystem within a globule of water, which could be sustained for live durational projection [without intervention of a video-microscope]. Microorganisms and daphnia obtained from a small temporary pond were enclosed within a small globule of water. The lens shape of this droplet, and its self-magnifying properties combined to create a projection microscope. Within the drop the life of a Daphnia was lived out under continual observation, the projected beam passing through its transparent flesh and transforming it into an image. It was possible to see its beating heart and the embryonic young inside its body.

Pondlife Projector 2000

The 2001 tabletop system consisted of a series of interconnected jam jars and pumps. The light (halogen) light source unit provided a substitute for sunlight; although this also produced very high temperatures. Made from an old micro-fiche viewer. The original used a flat dish [oven dish], and a heat resistant glass from old slide projectors, to create the containment reservoir. Fresh algae rich water circulated into the dish along a tube. Cool water was circulated around this, and an air block infused the water with extra air. The device was kept cool with a thin ‘fluid cooled lends’ which tap water can be pumped through at speed to keep it super cool ever with high power light.

Pondlife Projector 2000

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