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Blackout space [or improvised blackout box] lamp/LED/torch, large mirror/s, sound system.

Optional extras: Night vision camera with a live feed to screen: This allows the experimenter to observe the participant from outside the room. Button/s attached to LED [ or laptop via Arduino] this is pressed by the participant during the experiment and illuminates an LED outside the room. Galvanic skin responses sensor/s. This can be used to modulate the sound of light Using biofeedback from the participant.

NOTE: A backdrop of noise should be created for this experiment. This could be achieved using a noise generator [online app or other] / or using natural sounds such as a waterfall, rain or machines / or using found and emergent sound found on site such as a fam or other machine. Alternatively, a laptop can be used in conjunction with an Arduino and galvanic skin response sensor [GSR] to create a system of biofeedback whereby the GSR levels affect a quality of the sound. For example, White noise with a filter to affect frequency to create white / brown or pink variations for example.



1] Participants will be seated in a darkened room in front of a mirror. They will only be able to see their head and shoulders. The lighting is reduced to minimal levels using a small lamp placed behind the participant so no facial details can be seen in the mirror.

2] Await instruction.


[If using Bio Feedback] Connect a GSR sensor to each/the participant. This variable can be used to modulate light levels of an LED placed behind the participants or to change the quality of the sound, its Intensity or frequency for example, as the experimenter sees fit.

[If using the button press technique] Give each participant a button to press, route the cable to an LED outside the space name tagged each. The experimenter now See when each participant experiences anything unusual [see instruction below]

1] Give Participants were following instructions:

“The light will be reduced to the point where you are no longer able to perceive facial features and can only see an outline of your head and shoulders. After some time, you may experience strange or anomalous visual manifestations”

“Focus on your own reflection if you see anything strange or unusual, or notice a change in what you are seeing, press the button and keep it pressed for the duration of that change”

“The experiment will finish in 10 minutes.”

3] The experimenter adjusts the brightness accordingly, and gradually increases the volume of the sound.

4] The experimenter should now either leave the room to observe from outside will take part in the experiment alongside the participant.

The audience should experience this experiment with the experimenter outside the blackout space via a screen / or observe the experimenter working from behind a further barrier or window into the space.

A graphic showing the rate and duration of button pressing in conjunction with the GSR data should be created. Record the discussions / transcribe if desired. Detailed notes should be taken. These materials and subsequent document inform any subsequent workshop

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