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I am an artist, educator and researcher working at the intersection of science and art. I have extensive experience in interdisciplinary collaborative projects, which have necessitated a highly experimental approach to working with materials and technologies. My work spans many kinds of media, from drawing, installation, soundart, workshops, interactive installations, and immersive multisensory perceptual experiments. My PhD research involved collaboration with experimental psychologists (BEAM Lab/University of Manchester), during which I devised innovative multisensory perceptual experiments and experiences which used tactile stimulus in combination with movement and mixed visual perspectives using live video and head-mounted displays (See the exhibition here and our current project here).

I am a member of several artist collectives, including, Proximity, para-lab (a collective of artists and scientists), and Owl Project. Owl Project is known for performance [sound art] and sculptures that combine elements of crafts and electronics. Most notably, we created ~FLOW (in collaboration with Ed Carter), a floating water mill that powered an installation full of mechanical wooden and electronic musical instruments which responded to data collected from the river water, commissioned for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad (more info here).

DM via Instagram: @tonazoid
Contact email: info[at]

Current Research projects:

Ecology Art and Perception (Ecopsychology)

In 2021 I was awarded funding for a research placement at Gallery Oldham (through the NWCDTP knowledge exchange programme), working in collaboration with scientists and local community groups. Manchester Art Gallery commissioned the project in 2022, which became ‘Field Station’, a mobile resource exploring climate change. In 2022 I was recently awarded a DYCP grant from Arts Council England to continue this research into 2023 (see GuideLine project and Urban-micro-navigations)

Experience In Action BEAM Lab / Univesity of Manchester

Experience in Action is an interdisciplinary collaborative art-science project with Body Eyes and Movement Lab [ BEAM Lab, Led by Ellen Poliakoff and Emma Gowen] and artist Antony Hall. The project explores sensorimotor processing in older autistic adults and people with Parkinson’s. More Info…

Autoscope 2019