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Visualising the invisible

In this workshop, we explore everyday phenomena through a series of hands-on experiments, from creating a microcosmos inside a coffee cup to psychedelic liquid light shows using domestic substances. Will perform ad-hock / low tech experiments using everyday materials, combining sound, magnets, light and liquids to create unique optical effects and images. For reference, consider early sci-fi special effects to the striking black and white images of scientific phenomena by Berenice Abbot. And the psychedelic liquid light shows 1960s using household chemicals and pond life.

Workshop Highlights:

Ferro Fluids
Ferro Fluids
Ferro Fluids
Foam in hele-shaw cell
Hele-shaw-cells-2 Spectra 2016
HEle Shaw Cell – Mission Gallery 2003
Sugar solution – Prime cone oscillator 2003

Hans Jennys Cymatics: The Study of Wave Phenomena in 1967

Berenice Abbot (Physical Science Study1958)