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BIOBLITZ – Platt Hall

Platt Hall and Garden Open Day Saturday 2nd April

Field Station set up outside the wonderful Platt Hall as part of their open day. I invited people to take part in an intensive BIOBLITZ. That is, documenting all living things in the area, from trees to moss and microorganisms. We placed a series of quadrants [square metres] to see where the most biodiverse sites are around the building]. I shared techniques for hunting and documenting creatures and provided ID resources; microscopes and macro-lenses to get close-up views of what we found. All the results were logged throughout the day on iNaturalist. See

Images from the BioBitz at Platt Hall and some wildlife recording prep at Debdale park a few days before with Robin of the Bee sanctuary movement, Stuart Fraser from Greater Manchester Ecology Unit, Karen McCartney (UK Bees and Wasps) and Ken Gartside. Next up is Highfield Park July. More info about Field Station Here

About Field Station

Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.