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Perception changing device workshops

These workshops took place at the School fo Digital Arts (SODA) as part of their Colab unit which is intened to get students working collabartivly across discipnes (Game design/sound/future medai/film/photography). The ‘messy interface’ breif asked students to adress the complex interface between real and unreal. My workshop was designed to get students working together and thinging about how digital, often screen based work could extend into mutisensory realm. We discussed ideas of perception and illusion and designed multisensory experiments and experiences. They created wearable ‘perception changing devices’ using card, tape, etc. and other found materials, that restricted, augmented, or expanded the senses. In some cases, we used electromagnetic and light sensors to further expand the sensory field. We also tried altering perspectives using VR. Students then used these devices to explore different spaces. We discussed how these sensory disruptions, experiences, and interventions altered our behaviour and interactions and heightened perceptions. This workshop brought together many ideas and activities I developed through my PhD research [See here for more information].

Exploring spaces with prismatic goggles and light sensors for ears (which turn light into sound)

Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.