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Unfeasible object workshop at Manchester Science Park

Thu, 23 September 2021
10:00 – 14:00
Location: Manchester Science Park, Bright Building, Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6GZV

During this workshop, you will be guided through several activities and perceptual illusions to focus the senses before building objects for the ‘Clay Hand Experiment’ and the ‘Unfeasible Object’ experiment. The CHI is based on the Rubber hand illusion; only in the CHI and Unfeasible object experiments, participants build their own hand and other non-hand like objects rather than using a replica rubber hand. Using clay, it is possible to distort and manipulate the clay beyond the form of a hand and create different degrees of ‘unfeasible objects’ and attempt to embody these as part of our own body image. The workshop explores the possibility that participants can not only believe that a clay hand is their own hand but, in some cases, that an unfeasible object is their own hand.

The discovery of the now well-known ‘Rubber Hand Illusion’ in 1998, led to a surge of new multisensory perceptual illusions being developed. Multisensory perceptual illusions combine different senses; in this case tactile and visual.  Similar techniques are used to make participants believe they have embodied someone’s else’s body, have moved out of their own bodies [simulated out of body experiences], or even occupy empty space.
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