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Visit to Art Ecology

I visited the Isle of Wight to find out more about the Art ecology group and their #vertipool project (and generally chat about moss and urban / eco design). They have an Interesting ideology of hyper-local working and employ a methodology that resists consumerist mass production models (many #greenwalls and moss tiles are patented technologies that require energy and are tied into maintenance contracts. Alternatively Art Ecology take more of an open source socially engaged approach, working with communities and training people to help make the pools (which are best made by hands). This hand making approach allows for a greater speed of making and building in complex structural features, nooks crannies and overhangs, that would not be possible with 3d printing or mould making. I’m wondering if similar interventions could be made for moss and pond life #vertiponds or as @sophykingart suggested yesterday #windowbogs ! Also this all comes back to a discussion on #bioreceptvity with @alisonclloyd which I have yet to post. 

Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.