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Field Station – trailer design and inspiration…

This page shows some of the motivation, inspiration and design ideas used in the Field Station project, see the work in progress here.

Over the last few years, I have been loading my bike with increasingly heavy loads for field research style workshops sometimes in remote locations. More recently I have been mapping my local ‘research realm’ that I can access from my doorstep by bike, the sub-urban postindustrial outskirts of south manchester, interesting ecological sites, reclaimed rubbish tips, canals rivers and obscure ponds. These are often less picturesque in-between spaces that have been neglected by the local council, often prone to fly-tipping.

[Above some more remote areas to which I travelled to by bike with insanely heavy loads of equipment. Including Middle wood Trust and Alan Heads Art Centre. In 2022 I was resident at Gallery Oldham and mapped a local [walking and cycling] route between my home and the gallery avoiding roads. I thought a bike trailer would be a great option to increase my load capacity. The problem is that although it is possible to carry more stuff – it is not any easier to pull these loads. These two images show my fully loaded Cotic Escapade carrying roughly 30kg [See my notes on fitting a Revos Ebike conversion kit here].

Full workshop load [45kg +] shared between Burley flatbed and paniers, 7-mile [almost traffic free] loop via Manchester Art Gallery on the canal path and Fallowfield Loop.
Trailer loaded with Pond dipping kit, Highfield Park.
Stitched Up, are a non-profit sewing cooperative that wanted to take community workshops onto the road with a custom-built bike trailer

FAb Lab in a trailer: Bart Bakker create a mobile Fab Lab using Ikea boxes with a few modifications to make a fold-out unit with legs.

Above – Rob’s Wonderful Jarman inspired Sheds. These timber slats and corrugated steel sheets look fantastic, but how can these translate into a light mobile trailer? I also Like the colour scheme – black [like the traditional bitumen paints used to protect wood] green and greys.

I’ve always been fascinated by weather stations, Something about these mysterious beehive-like boxes with the wooden slats and instruments sticking out of it particularly attracts me. I have always wanted to build one that was incorporated into a bike trailer. I am keen for one side of field station to incorporate a slatted section.

Dereck Jarmans Prospect Cottage

Work in progress

See more on the work in progress here…

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