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DYCP – Funding 2022-23

I am delighted to announce I was awarded a DYCP grant from Arts Council England to develop my creative practice, enrich networks and also undertake training. I plan to meet mentors and fellow artists for a series of creative collaborations and conversations. Here are some highlights from the project:

Highlights will be posted on this page while a series of posts are listed on the following tag:

Now is the Time of Moss 2022 – A series of 10 terrariums created from found materials and placed back where the original bottle was found.
TouchDesigner experiment with AI (Stable Diffusion) using API pipeline
Film still – Experiment with generative film in TouchDesigner
Research trip to Art Ecology, Isle of Wight
Science Art camping trip with Para-Lab organised by Annie Carpenter
Mud Robot – Paul Granjon

Collaboration with Ian Watson – Mosscillator / boundary detector (Film still)
Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.