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Experimental Psychology Lab

I have been considering what an Experimental Psychology lab looks like. What objects might these contain?


Typically these consist of office like rooms, chairs and tables, perhaps an observation room. These days a computer, sensors for eye tracking and biometric measurement would be commonplace. Headphones, and VR equipment. EEG and MRI image may also be used in more advanced studies. Ultimately Experimental Psychology is an interdisciplinary subject and experiments could cross over to neurosciences, AI and robotics.

But a google search of Experimental Psychology laboratory yields some interesting results. I’d be interested to know what other instruments and devices I should look at when thinking about this field of research. Please let me know if you know what any of these items might be used for.

electronic devices unknown purpose.
Division screens
psychology lab-2
Another maze, possibly manual dexterity tasks…
A maze of unknown function, possibly memory/problem solving task
Possibly test cards and tasks?



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