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Some notes and links, reflecting on the VR mask. The absurdity of the interface is both clumsy and undignified technology orientated experience….

The Link C-3 Flight Trainer, Edwin A. Link 1029. An early flight simulator representative of the first truly effective mechanical device used to simulate actual flight process From

Morton Heilig wanted to create the ‘cinema of the future’ and invented his own stereoscopic camera and projection device. The ‘Sensorama simulator’ also generated vibration, wind and scent. This would have been the first 4D cinema device as early as 1957. [Image From]

Sensorama simulator, original patent documents and drawings


The Sword of Damocles 1968 was the first HMD unit, invented by Ivan Sutherland.


“The intention of Birdly® is to fulfil people’s ancient dream of flying. With virtual reality (VR) and robotics technology, SOMNIACS creates an extremely vivid full-body experience that makes you instantly forget the mechanics and computer codes behind this spectacular apparatus. The immersive and interactive nature of Birdly® serves one goal: to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird and intuitively explore the skies.”


Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.

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