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para-lab : Materials Group workshop

Para-lab workshop 25th April with the Materials group.

Material scientist Aled Roberts led a workshop based on his work exploring how new sustainable materials can be created from bio-based waste materials, potentially as a form of carbon capture.

He brought some fascinating material samples one of which was created from bone powder, compressed and heated into a hard ivory-like substance that could be machined or sculpted into any shape.

The idea of the workshop was to forage for materials in the urban environment, which could then be mashed up and mixed. We collected moss, orange peel tree sap. Aled brought a number of extra materials he had previously experimented with such as marmite baby powder, dried mealworms, and muscle growth powder.

The materials were mashed up and pushed into modified syringes which then compressed the paste together, and squeezed out some of the liquid. The resultant pill like samples were dried and heated on a hot plate until baked hard. We made some new names for the materials including Mossite, mealwormine, orangite, marmatine. Aled tested some of the samples later and found that one of the strongest was the ‘orangite’.

Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.