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Miniature rubber hand experiment

I bought this miniature rubber hand from the welcome trust shop and tried a quick experiment with my 8-year-old son on the train home. I was amazed it seemed to work almost instantaneously.  I wonder if it’s his extremely tactile nature makes him susceptible to the illusion?

In relating to my ideas around experimenting with a clay hand in place of the traditional rubber hand, I went to see the ‘Votive offerings’ display. The objects are of Roman origin and are made from terracotta, It is believed that there were created in order to cure elements ranging from badness to more serious decreases relating to the body part [intestines, sexual organs, limbs, hair]. these were them thought to have been thrown into a pool. I wondered if these were commissioned by the patient or created through any kind of ritual, or was important that the object had any kind of realistic resemblance to the affected body part. Did they believe there was an ongoing connection between the object and them selves.

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