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Seven Practical experiments

Images from ‘Seven Practical Experiments’ workshop as part of Sum total of all the actions at Rogue artists studios.

1: Feldenkrais – See notes on the inwardly generated image (by deformation of the eyeball)
2. Anomalous perception scale
3: Action intention paradox [See developmental notes]
4: Concerning the inwardly generated image [See notes on Ganzfeld variation 1]
5: You are the object of your own observation [See notes on the mirror gaze experiment]
6: You are the object of your own observation. Mirror Gaze experiments in near darkness.
6: Perception without object [The perception of spatial relationships in respect to the orientation of one’s body despite distracting information] See notes on  Ganzfeld variation 2
7. The permanent possibility of experience. An based on the experiments of Ernst Mach [Notes to come]
Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.