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Sum total of all the actions

Annie Carpenter / Hannah Leighton Boyce / Antony Hall / para-lab
October 2019 / Rogue Project Space,

‘Sum total of all the actions’ turns the exhibition space at Rogue Studios into a temporary research and making space, bringing together the work in progress of three practitioners and one collective, all with interests ranging broadly across the sciences, from physics to perceptual processes and chemical reactions. Throughout October, the group will base themselves in the gallery to explore the interplay between disciplines, materials and senses.

Rather than presenting an exhibition as a finishing point, ‘Sum total of all the actions’ is a moment along a timeline. It focuses on the processes that artefacts embody and the cumulative collaborative actions that bring these objects and documents into existence. The gallery is used as a testing ground for collaboration; presenting prototypes and ‘adhock’ assemblages, with active and sometimes performative elements. These are emergent artefacts; ideas that accumulate at the interface between different disciplines, a grey area in-between, drawing our attention to the more speculative nature of working beyond the divisions and specialisation afforded by academic structures.

Visitors are welcome to visit the space any time during the month by appointment, and there are three scheduled public events:

Thursday 3 October, 6-8pm – para-lab reading group

Thursday 17 October, 6-8pm – para-lab seminar on the scientific concept of beauty

Friday 18th October, 10.30-3pm – ‘Seven practical experiments’ is a new work by Antony Hall, a workshop like experience of perceptual illusion and art. Includes a 1-hour session of Feldenkrais. Book here:

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Artist, educator, and researcher working between the fields of science and art.