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This blog will mostly concern my PhD research project based at MMU in partnership with and Body Eyes And Movement [BEAM] Lab Manchester University. Funded by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) Scholarship Award. This blog is a repository for notes, documentation of experiments, and other research.

Autoscope – an experiment in self seeing
Participant experiences the Ganzfeld

This practice-based research centres around the artistic re-creation and re-appropriation, of science experiments for purposes of experience. Taking methods from experimental psychology, workshops will be prototyped through a process of feedback, reflection and action. Initial experiments [See here]  test newly discovered multisensory illusions; in which participants are asked to create and embody ‘unfeasible’ objects or imagine what it is like to have an invisible hand.

[Above] Some details of the Tactile Anchoring Device.

This is an evolving experimental tool, that has multiple uses, and will develop into several forms through the course of the project. It is used to induct the perceptual illusions such as the invisible hand, or aid with the embodiment of unfeasible objects. [See the Tactile Anchoring Device page here]

Much of the experimental work was based on the clay hand experiment – or the embodiment of ‘unfeasible objects’ hands03

Drawings from the first experiment with clay hands [documented here]

Some of the work form phase 1 is beginning to emerge!

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