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Revos Ebike Conversion Kit

Thanks to Revolution Works for supporting my project with one of these Revos Ebike conversion kits.  See my review here when it’s done.

Field Station is a mobile resource [a bike trailer] used for pop-up interventions and workshops developed as part of a Climate Change Awareness Project With Manchester Art Gallery. As Field Station develops, the trailer structure is getting increasingly heavy [see the work in progress here]. Towing a heavy trailer on the flat is was no problem – but slow going. Luckily for me, sub-urban manchester is relatively flat, but there are a couple of key hills and numerous steep inclines that are particularly challenging. So I decided to look to get some electrical assistance. I didn’t want to buy an e-bike [as I don’t have the funds for that] or electrify my main bike, but I do have an old project bike [a 1950s Raleigh with 5-speed hub gear] that could be electrified. It seems there were two options; installing an electric motor into the drive train, or attaching a friction drive or Hub motor to one of the wheels.

This is an easy to install friction motor which drives the wheel directly made in Bristol by Revolution Works

I found this Revos e-bike conversion kit thanks to a friend of mine, Mark Spratt [a solar technologist and cyclist] who is using these to retrofit the old bikes milk hauliers use in Rowanda. They use bikes to transport these huge milk urns over long distances and hills [between the farm and milk processing sites]. Making this trip quicker and easier will ultimately help reduce waste [as sometimes the milk goes bad or becomes infected during the journey] and make their lives significantly easier.

Revolution Works sent me one of their Revos Ebike conversion kits. TBC…See my review here when it’s done.

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