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Auditory illusion

Diana Deutsch developed some fascinating auditory illusions. These include the phenomenon of ‘speech to song’ whereby repeating loops of spoken word suddenly begin to sound like a song. In another illusion, ‘phantom words’ new words emerge from repeating fragments of words. To experience these all you need are headphones as the a stereo effect is essential, here is the link to her work.…

Speech to song
Phantom Words

A nice example of sine wave speech from Joe Banks [Disinformation] has written about psychoacoustics in his book  I was lucky to meet him at The Sensorium of Animals workshop.

“The McGurk effect” is a perceptual illusion that mixes a sound with the visual cue of a different sound, We see the mouth move and hear/see a mismatched sound, check out what happens…

This page has some great interactive examples of optical and sonic illusions

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